Executive Chairman

Founder and Executive Chairman of Afribiz Invest Pty Ltd

Mr Collen Mashawana is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Afribiz Invest Pty Ltd. Raised from a business background, Collen Mashawana has honed his business acumen and developed very good interpersonal skills. These two aspects have resulted in many deep relationships being formed with both Corporate and Public Sector Clients in the region. Collen Mashawana began his career at Microsoft South Africa after graduating with an IT diploma and has since studied Business Management with UNISA. Mr Mashawana has been an Executive and Board Member of multinational companies in different industries like Construction, Engineering and Information and Communication Technology. Some of those companies include Dimension Data, Internet Solutions and Group Five.

Mashawana is very passionate about Infrastructure Development and his main focus as he Chairman is strategic growth and also assisting government meet its Service Delivery mandate in relation to Infrastructure Development. For decades Mashawana has built strong relationships with all spheres of the Pan Africa Region, devoting a lot of time in understanding government’s service delivery mandate. This has resulted in a more strategically focused approach of aligning Mashawana’ sales and lobbying experience to benefit Afribiz Invest. In year he established Collen Mashawana Foundation an Africa-based and African-funded philanthropy, dedicated to catalyzing education, employment and poverty eradication across Africa.

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